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USJF National Teacher and Assistant Teacher Certification Course


Continuing education is a process by which all professional organizations maintain excellence in their field. Likewise the United States Judo Federation, with its long standing tradition of technical excellence, is committed to serving its members with the latest information and procedures adopted from our international judo community.


The USJF Teachers Institute, Teachers certification and the Assistant Teacher certification course will be informative and useful in your program. The chapters begin with a related story, and then bite size bits of information. The USJF Teacher/Assistant Teacher Manual covers Judo History, Judo Philosophy, Ethics in Judo, Judo Bio-mechanics, Teaching Tools, Lesson Planning, Planning Effective Practices, Systematized Teaching Lesson planning and Risk Management.  The candidate will be required to recognizing and demonstrate Tachi-waza and Ne-waza Techniques.


The assistant judo teacher is the Sensei's right hand person.  He or she is there to assist the sensei with the conduct of the class.  The assistant teacher may present all facets of judo instruction he or she is qualified to instruct.  The randori session requires the immediate supervision of the sensei/instructor.


We know the importance of judo information is an ever changing environment and we applaud your efforts to accommodate your future judokas.


- Mitchell Palacio, Chairperson



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