Teacher Resources

Our teaching resources are designed to asisst the Sensei to facilitate learning and knowledge acquisition.

Judo Curriculum

A collection of judo curriculum from the USJF Certified Teaching Professionals.  Basic fundamentals of ukemi, introductory tachi-waza and newaza skill sets, transitions and training drills. 

How to Teach

  1. Create a Clear Curriculum – Structure with Clear Objectives
  2. Make the Material Matter – Content Clear and Engaging
  3. Present with Purpose and Enthusiasm – Passion with Energy and Focus
  4. Let the Learners Lead the Learning – Create interactive process
  5. Reinforce with Repetition and Positive Re-inforcement  – Set specific goals and accomplish each one to gain confidence.
caitlan and daniel randori
how we learn

How We Learn

Perceptual Motor Skills are the movement related skills vital to children’s development, learning and growth. Perceptual Motor Skills refers to a child’s growing ability to interact with their environment by combining use of their senses and motor skills.

Teaching Video

Our collection of educational judo videos and activities will help you engage your students. Our hope is to stimulate learning through videos which can be used both in the dojo and home.

communicate with athlete

Coach Certification

As a USJF Coach, you have a great responsibility. You are not only trying to be an important partner to improving the competitive performance of your athlete, but you should also be aware of the greater reasons for developing your athlete, that of helping him to become a better individual and to meet the challenges of our greater society.