Find Answers To The Most Common Questions On Teacher Certification

Frequent Ask Questions

What is a USJF Certified Teacher

A USJF Certified Teacher has met all the requirements for the USJF National Teacher certification program. The period of certification is two years. After which the teacher must apply for re-certification.

What is the difference between a coach and a teacher

Coaches are teachers. In judo we think of coaches as someone who teaches and trains judo students for competition and “coaches” their students at a tournament. We think of teaching as the methodology or pedagogy at a judo dojo or club. USJF offers Assistant Teacher and Teacher Certification.

What certifications are available to me?

The USJF National Teacher and Assistant Teacher certification program encompasses two levels.  Upon re-certification, the title National Teacher changes to Master Teacher.  

How long is my Teacher certification valid for?

Your National Teacher and Master Teacher certification is valid for two years.

    National Teacher Certification Registration

    To register for the certification, please be prepared to upload the following files:

    • 2 Inch Head Shot for ID Badge
    • USJF Safesport
    • SafeSport Certificate: Emotional and Physical Misconduct
    • SafeSport Certificate: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
    • SafeSport Certificate: Mandatory Reporting
    • CDC Concussion Certificate