Covid 19 Guidelines

update #15 – May 1, 2021

We strongly recommend that members of the judo community consider getting vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available in your locality.

Keep yourself informed with the latest information, developments, and situation by visiting the CDC’s COVID-19 page at 

These are general recommendations. It is NOT our intent to circumvent or replace the advice or directives from your primary care physician/doctor/medical professional.

We encourage compliance with government recommendations, regulations, requirements, and laws.

Though some states may have relaxed their restrictions and moved into higher phases and more allowable activities, please be vigilant for any changes in the emergence of new cases and variants. This may lead to a return to lower phases and renewed restrictions. Please keep abreast of the latest developments in your area/jurisdiction and maintain proper observance and compliance with the phase status and guidance. You must be sure to move with the change in phases and adjust activities accordingly.

Dojo Reopening Guidelines:

Reminder: you must check and be current in your compliance with local health regulations on whether or not direct contact activities are allowed. Some direct contact may be allowed if certain conditions are met. REGULATIONS ARE VERY STATE DEPENDENT. Know your state/local rules and regulations and carefully adhere to and implement them.

Everyone Must Be Responsible & Diligent: Everyone involved (including coaches, parents, and spectators) will have to closely monitor their health and truly strive to remain healthy. We all have to realize and accept the fact that if anyone in our group gets sick/infected, with the COVID-19 virus, we will have to assume that we are ALL INFECTED until proven otherwise.

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Please continue to be vigilant. It has been a long pandemic and everyone is anxious to get back on the tatami to start training again and to spend time with our judo family. We are all fatigued with the bombardment of the issues and problems brought by COVID-19 and its effect on all of our lives. We must all continue to be patient. Unfortunately, many states and regions are undergoing another surge in the number of people testing positive with the COVID-19 virus. Additional caution is necessary as we are now heading into the start of the cold and flu season. As the health and safety of our members and students is the paramount concern, we must continue to make the appropriate decisions to ensure their safety and protection. Please be very cognizant and current on your local public guidelines.

Though too new to have enough study data available, COVID-19 infections may have some long-term negative effects on some individuals after they recover from it. So, it is best to avoid getting exposed/infected by it. When in doubt, please make the safe/conservative choice.

Return To Activity/Training After COVID-19 Infection:

There can be many lingering side effects of having had a COVID-19 infection. Athletes should consult with their healthcare provider before returning to physical activity after COVID-19 infection. Depending on the severity of infection, additional testing may be indicated before initiating a strenuous exercise program.

Myocarditis, or inflammation of heart muscle is a known complication of COVID-19 infection. However, the need for additional cardiac testing is controversial and any additional testing that is performed should be decided by the athlete’s healthcare provider after a careful evaluation and discussion with the athlete and athlete’s family if they are a minor or have other serious medical comorbidities.

We recommend athletes receive COVID-19 vaccination when eligible after known infection.

We suggest athletes follow these guidelines:

1. Asymptomatic COVID-19 infection: (i.e., athlete was exposed to COVID-19, never had symptoms, but tested positive) At least 2 weeks of rest (no judo activity) with gradual return to judo activities. If the athlete develops unusual chest pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, passes out, or other concerning symptoms we recommend cessation of judo activities and seek additional evaluation by healthcare provider. Minors should consult with a pediatrician prior to returning to play.

2. Symptomatic COVID-19 infection: We highly recommend consultation with a healthcare provider prior to returning to judo activities. We recommend at least 2 weeks of rest (no judo activity) after becoming asymptomatic. Decreased exercise tolerance is common after COVID-19 infection, but chest pain, lightheadedness, dizziness, passing out, or other concerning symptoms, may be red flags for a more serious condition. Athletes should monitor symptoms closely as they return to more strenuous activity and seek medical consultation for concerning symptoms.