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USJF National Teachers Re-Certification Course

Recertification Program – When you successfully renew your certification, you earn the new designation of Master Teacher.  (Certification is valid for 2 years)

To be eligible for the USJF National Teachers Re-Certification you MUST have taken and passed the USJF National Teacher or Assistant Teacher Certification Course or have been a certified teacher from USJA or USA Judo.

We have augmented the Teacher-recertification process to require the candidate to complete Online course work in a more targeted professional manner. You will find the topics and coursework for recertification interesting, topical, and immediately applicable.

Choose your pathway;

  • Judo Pedagogy
  • Designing Effective Practices
  • Child Development (pending)
  • Risk Management

Re-certification Fee: $75.00
Please send payment payable to: USJF. Upon receipt of payment, Your user id and password will be emailed to you. The user id and password is needed to access the distance learning (online) test.

USJF Teacher Re-Certification Registration

Re-Certification Course: Select One Pathway


  • Bio-mechanics in Judo: If we look at the body as a human machine there are three areas of concern: biomechanics, musculoskeletal anatomy, and neuromuscular physiology.
  • Teaching Tools: How and what an instructor teaches is determined by their previous experience and the effort they may put forth in honing their craft.

Designing Effective Practices

  • Lesson Planning: The sequencing of objectives into the pre-, early, mid, and late portions of the season is recommended with specific objectives for each practice.
  • Planning Effective Practices: If practices are to be effective, they must be directed at the needs of the students.  Objectives defined for the season plan needs to be incorporated.

Historical & Philosophy

  • Historical Briefs from Judo: There are many who have questions about the historical events that led up to the development of Olympic sport judo.
  • Judo and Philosophy: Philosophy speaks to a number of issues amongst which are: epistemology; the science of knowledge, ethics and morality; the idea of good and evil.

Risk Management

  • Risk Management: Negligence occurs when there is an assumed duty that is breached or not performed, and you are the proximate cause that has resulted in some damage. 
  • Systematized Teaching: Did you ever stop to wonder why we teach judo?  What about how we teach judo?  What would be the best way to maximize what we teach?  What is the safest way to give instruction?