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USJF National Teacher and Assistant Teacher Certification Course

National Teacher Certification 

The USJF Teachers Institute National Teachers certification and the Assistant Teacher certification course will be informative and useful in your program. The chapters begin with a related story, and then bite size bits of information. 

  • Minimum age and rank requirement: 18 yrs and older – Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt)

Assistant Judo Teacher Certification

The assistant teacher may present all facets of judo instruction.  They will become qualified to instruct all facets of practice except for the randori session requires the immediate supervision of the sensei/instructor.

The course work for the Assistant Judo Teacher is similar to the USJF National Teacher Certification.  The course work involves;

  • Minimum age and rank requirement: 16 yrs and older – Sankyu Brown Belt (3rd Degree Brown Belt) 

The USJF National Teacher/Assistant Teacher Course includes the following modules;

  • Historical Briefs from Judo
  • Judo Philosophy
  • Systematized Teaching
  • Risk Management

You must complete all four modules within 30 days of Course registration.

The test will be of a True/False and/or Multiple Choice question format. You must score 100% in each test to acquire your National Teacher Certification.

USJF National Teacher/Assistant Teacher Course